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How it works

1 See it

Open the extension as you browse

2 Capture it

Found something you like?
Capture it to discover similar items on

3 Source it

Instantly compare suppliers and contact them


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Image Capture? How to open/close it?

Hover over any image and click Auto Image Capture Button to automatically capture the image and instantly find similar products on You can open/close it in the Source Now plugin Settings ⚙️ Menu.

What is Source Now VIP group? How to join it?

Are you a big fan of Source Now? Do you want to engage into the product design and promotion? Welcome to join our Source Now VIP group on Facebook! Here we provide a place to share your ideas, communicate with our developers and connect with buyers like you! Click here and join us now!

How to contact us?

If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please send e-mail to

Which browsers does Source Now Support?

We only support Chrome Extension for now, but we will fit more browsers in the future.

Is it free to download and use?

Yes! Source Now is an official sourcing tool provided by and it’s totally free. We won’t charge you any fee when you download and use.

What kind of privacy information will you collect?

To provide Alibaba Source Now's features and improve our services, Alibaba Source Now sends limited browsing information, including captured images, some URLs, search terms, and search results, to Alibaba. You can click our privacy terms to learn more.