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Inspect your products before shipment


Top Inspectors

  • Industry leaders known for their quality and integrity
  • Professional and experienced

Competitive Prices

  • Take advantage of's negotiated rates
  • Lower than normal market prices

Online Reports

  • Track inspection progression in real-time
  • View inspection results conveniently

Efficient Service

  • Industry leaders known for their quality and integrityBook 3 working days in advance
  • Inspection report released within 2 working days

Two leading inspection companies are offering services on

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shanghai Co., Ltd. (BV)

Quantity VerificationALL

Conformity Check3 pieces

Workmanship Check1-50 pieces

Function Check1 piece

Contract Product Quality3 pieces

Inspection fee$118 USD

*Inspection standard : ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 Special Inspection Level S-3

*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 50 pieces

China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC)

Quantity VerificationALL

Conformity Check3 pieces

Workmanship Check1-500 pieces

Function Check3 piece

Contract Product Quality10 pieces

Inspection fee$188 USD

*Inspection standard : ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 General Inspection Level G-II

*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 500 pieces

Buyer's Voice

Swedish Buyer

The inspection service was fantastic -- their attention to details saved us time in the long run.

Malaysian Buyer

Both CCIC & BV have excellent reviews on their inspection quality and are used way more than other services in the market.

American Buyer

The inspection service exceed my expectations. We now have a much better understanding of supplier quality before making purchases.

Based on surveys in October 2018 conducted on buyers who have used the inspection services on an anonymous basis.

How to get Smarthealthindia Inspection Service

Start a Trade Assurance order and select "Product Inspection Service" under "Value-Added Service" Track your order and view the inspection status on your Trade Assurance page after you've made the initial payment

1Place a Trade Assurance Order

Enter your order information.

2Select 'Add service'

Select an inspection service by choosing an inspector and package, and entering your contact information.

3Make initial payment including the inspection fee

Confirm your order with the supplier and pay.

4Track your order and view the inspection status online

Track the progress of the inspection and download the report online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase and utilize inspection services from professional third party inspectors on for your trade assurance orders. The inspectors will visit the manufacturing facilities in China and prepare reports including pictures to verify that the goods being produced and shipped are up to standard.
A third party inspector refers to the inspector that provides professional inspection services to customers on
Yes, you can also add inspection services after the initial payment of a trade assurance order in the event that you have obtained consent from the supplier and booked the service at least 7 working days before shipment.
  • Product quantity
  • Conformity (Style, color, label, packing, and shipping mark)
  • Workmanship (Appearance and basic functions)
  • Functionality (Onsite check testing general functions and applications based on your product category)
  • Contract product quality (Onsite check/test according to your trade assurance contract quality requirements)

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